Training Options


One Client - One Trainer

Partner Training

Two Clients - One Trainer

Small Group

4-6 Clients - One Trainer

Virtual Training

All the same offerings, but in the comfort of your own home!



One-on-One is the most personalized training we offer. A trainer works directly with one client and continually assesses their fitness level- designing unique workouts specifically for their client and their goals. Clients receive direct, one-on-one attention, motivation, and instruction. You will work directly with your trainer to schedule training sessions. With your schedule, budget, and desired results in mind, we will guide you on how many workouts should be done at the studio under the guidance of your trainer as well as what to do on your own time. Our training is progressive and results driven.  We will not only motivate you, but also teach you how to exercise safely. 

4 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $240
8 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $440
12 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $600
Pay as you go- $65 per session

Partner Training

4 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $180
8 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $336
12 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $456
Pay as you go- $50 per session

In partner training, one trainer works with two people at a time. The clients can follow their own specific workout that the trainer has programmed or if the goals of the clients are similar, they may work through the same program. Semi-Private provides results thanks to personal coaching, camaraderie, motivation, and support! you will work directly with your training partner and trainer to schedule training sessions.


Small Group Training

This style of training presents the opportunity for people to experience the creativity and motivation of a trainer while lowering the financial entry point. In addition to affordability, camaraderie and group motivation are other benefits to our Small Group Program.

You can hop-in any of our current scheduled small groups or form a private small group of your own. If forming a private small group, you and the rest of your group would schedule directly with your trainer (Minimum of 4 to form a private group). 

4 Session per 4-week cycle - $100
8 Session per 4-week cycle - $180
12 Session per 4-week cycle - $240
Pay as you go $30 per session

Group Fitness


10 sessions- $150

Monthly unlimited- $150 per month

Pay as you go- $20 per session

In effort to stay close to our roots of being a Personal Training Studio, our group fitness classes are capped at only 12 people. Our goal with these classes is to provide an amazing group workout with the close guidance of a trainer. These workouts are designed to the format of the class (TRX, cycle, boxing, etc.) with 25+ classes per week.

Virtual Training


We currently have two virtual training offerings. One is access to our online virtual training library, with pre-designed workouts and video tutorials for many exercises.

Our other option is access to live workout classes and training sessions with our trainers through Zoom (an online video conferencing platform). This allows us to connect with you, help keep you accountable and in a routine, and also check in on technique from afar.

Free for anyone with a current membership or training package

$20 a week for people only interested in virtual training.

Is money a barrier? We don't want it to be! Email Lori and we will find a way to still help you stay healthy and active during this difficult time.

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