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One Client - One Trainer

Partner Training

Two Clients - One Trainer

Small Group

4-6 Clients - One Trainer

Program Design

Access to the studio during open gym hours along with a customized exercise plan 



One-on-One is the most personalized training we offer. A trainer works directly with one client and continually assesses their fitness level- designing unique workouts specifically for their client and their goals. Clients receive direct, one-on-one attention, motivation, and instruction. You will work directly with your trainer to schedule training sessions. With your schedule, budget, and desired results in mind, we will guide you on how many workouts should be done at the studio under the guidance of your trainer as well as what to do on your own time. Our training is progressive and results driven.  We will not only motivate you, but also teach you how to exercise safely. 

4 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $208
8 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $400
12 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $576
Single Session - $60 
5-Session Pack - $270

Partner Training

4 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $152
8 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $288
12 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $408
Single Session - $45
5-session Pack - $200

In partner training, one trainer works with two people at a time. The clients can follow their own specific workout that the trainer has programmed or if the goals of the clients are similar, they may work through the same program. Semi-Private provides results thanks to personal coaching, camaraderie, motivation, and support! you will work directly with your training partner and trainer to schedule training sessions.


Small Group Training

This style of training presents the opportunity for people to experience the creativity and motivation of a trainer while lowering the financial entry point. In addition to affordability, camaraderie and group motivation are other benefits to our Small Group Program.

You can hop-in any of our current scheduled small groups or form a private small group of your own. If forming a private small group, you and the rest of your group would schedule directly with your trainer (Minimum of 4 to form a private group). 

4 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $80
8 Sessions per 4-week cycle - $140
Unlimited Sessions per 4-week cycle - $180
Single Session - $25
5-session Pack - $112.50


BFIT10 Basic  $100
  • 10-monthly workouts designed specifically for this program
  • Access to Open Gym 
BFIT10 Plus - $125
  • Everything listed in the basic program and
  • One Inbody Scan 
  • One Strategy Session  

Our B-FIT10 program allows you to workout on your own time in the studio during open gym  hours.  While in this program, you will receive 10 workouts every month:

  • 4-Total Body Workouts

  • 1 -Upper Body Workout

  • 1-Lower Body Workout 

  • 1-Push & Core Workout

  • 1-Pull & Lower Body Workout 

  • 2-HIIT & Core Workouts

This program was created for the client who feels comfortable working out on their own but enjoys some workout guidance. Whether you are able to workout 1 or 5 days per week, we will ensure that you are utilizing the workouts provided effectively by supplying you with different weekly workout splits depending on your goals. The workouts will be shared thru the Studio Software, which you can access thru an app on your phone or on a desktop computer.  

Program Design 


Our Program Design Service is a custom built exercise program created solely for you!  Using the information collected  during your consultation and fitness assessment, your trainer will design a customized  program that meets your health needs and fitness goals. This membership is ideal for the client who is comfortable to workout on their own and likes the accountability of a trainer.

The Program Design Basic Package includes the following:

  • An initial session to review your program

  • A 4-week calendar with a day-by-day plan, including what type of workout to do each day and days that should be rest days.

  • Constant communication with your trainer

  • Access to the studio during designated open-gym hours

  • Weekly check-ins  to review progress and address any changes that may be needed

  • Accountability, Motivation & Support

The Program Design Plus Package includes:

  • All listed in the Basic Package

  • Access to our Virtual Workout Library - New workouts added monthly


The Program Design Premium Package includes:

  • All listed in the Plus Package 

  • Option to add-on 4, 8, or 12 customized workouts for you designed by your trainer

Program Design Basic - $165

Program Design Plus (Basic + Access to Benefits Workout Library) - $185

Program Design Premium (Plus + # of Customized Workouts)

  • 4 Customized workouts - $235

  • 8 Customized Workouts - $305

  • 12 Customized Workouts - $365

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